My name is Ashley, and you’re probably wanting know just how I got started doing this whole beer blog thing. Let me tell you the story:

One night, I drove to a friend’s house for a visit. When I got there, I grabbed a Floridian Hefeweizen by Funky Buddha. As I drank that delicious brew, a lightbulb went off in my head. I thought, why don’t I start a blog about beer, since I like to drink it so much?

At that moment, Blonde Brew Reviews was born.

Most people know me as a boot-wearing, taco eating girl who just loves to have fun. I am often referred to as a “beer connoisseur” which I greatly consider as a compliment. If you look up the word “connoisseur” in the dictionary, though, it is defined as an expert, and that, I am not. I do not consider myself to be an expert. The beer experts are the level two (and above) cicerones–and I am just a very opinionated person with a hobby.

I enjoy beer the most out of any other alcoholic beverages out there. I find the complexity and science behind the brew very interesting. I have a constant thirst for beer knowledge (hehe) and I am always trying to learn more! One day I hope to be a cicerone and even brew my own beer.

I brewed my very first beer in early 2018–and I plan to continue home brewing!

I have been featured in the Orlando Sentinel in their segment discussing women’s increasing role in the beer scene. I may not professionally brew beer or work in a brewery, but I paved my own path and created my own “job.” I saw an opportunity to have my own role and space in the beer industry, and I jumped on it.

Please join me in my passion for craft beer and get to know me along the way. I also enjoy gardening, fishing, makeup, among other things. Oh, and food! I love food–mostly eating it, but I also enjoy cooking.

Follow me on my trips to breweries as I share my thoughts and recommendations! You might also discover fun places in Florida and new local beers to try, whether you’re visiting for the week or living in the nearby counties of Orlando.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!



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